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Understanding Reiki Energy Medicine

Understanding Reiki Energy Medicine

Let’s be real. The human body is given to us for a limited period of time and comes to an end. Living our day-to-day life to free ourselves of perceptions and behaviors that curve our characters and virtues is not always glamorous, but does always produce changes in our presence and is the honest way of earning our living. Daily energy debris accumulates in our energy field from everyday stress, emotional trauma, stress addictive habits, and negative experiences or thought patterns. This energy is to be released daily. If not, our minds have no choice but to respond by creating an explanation as to why we feel pain, tension, or imbalance, resulting in the search for relief.

Unfortunately, some seek the false sense of relief offered by drugs, alcohol or any stress addictive behavior that brings about a superficial, unhealthy experience. These external influences compound by giving temporary relief resulting in even more long term loss or internal vacancy. When we no longer require outside influences for relief, and desire to relax naturally on demand; Reiki always shows up in many unexpected ways. The alignment of greater living experiences are life changing moments that begin the process to achieve essential growth and development. Reiki is known today as energy medicine, a natural way to heal these emotional and physical ailments.

The natural healing properties offered through Reiki give us the energetic support to grow within our own natural evolution, a process we grow to love. This further helps us identify and define how Reiki touches and nourishes the core of our being. A natural healing system that encourages one to commit and follow their own path of maturation and human unfolding. This living spiritual workshop integrates the truest expression of authentic self and inner guidance through purpose, fulfillment and spiritual understanding. Reiki provides a way to reset our systems that returns us to the way we were born to live.

What happens after a Reiki treatment? The most potent healing effects by Reiki may go unnoticed by few, but Reiki works on all levels and always works. The biological energy flow is fully animated by a positive universal healing force that seeks out energy disturbances within ones being. A new sense of physical relaxation clears and quiets the mind that rejuvenates a healthy, balanced natural euphoria with the body’s innate connection to heal itself. We love how we feel after Reiki is given. The use of Reiki has a cumulative effect, meaning that lasting healing benefits are experienced through consistency and over time. The more Reiki is used, an individual’s energy system becomes even more responsive and finds greater ease in working within life’s natural ebb and flow. Each Reiki treatment unlocks and integrates new energy levels pertaining to the source or cause of energy disruption. The number and frequencies of treatments vary on the healing requirements of a specific emotional or physical health condition.

The greatest healing effects are sustained through a regular health maintenance program of Reiki treatments or training. Reiki’s sacred healing method transforms the use of information by maturation and experience in this dynamic, Divine relationship with self, while propelling us to learn in a greater reality beyond what is known. Each healing step is of equal importance on all levels of consciousness in a way that never withers away; awakening the essence for spirit to see a new pathway without veils.

Literally, Reiki energy medicine clears energy debris in little or no time, with ease of delivery, in the most effective natural healing regime for everybody; all ages and cultures. Reiki restores the body, mind and soul’s unique creative ability to heal itself. When one seeks relief naturally, Reiki shows up in mysterious, unexpected ways to revitalize internal imbalanced vacancy. The natural healing properties of Reiki have no side effects. They are safe, limitless and pervasive in all of life. Reiki upholds and sustains a lasting healing effect to authentically live our truest, best possible selves. And Reiki is taught in a simple, direct, concise and understanding manor that is congruent with Law of Nature and human development.

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