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Jenna did a mini Reiki treatment on me while departing the shore on a whale watch in Maui. Though I normally get motion sick, I did not experience that this time… I felt very calm and peaceful and able to go with the flow!

Wow, this moving transition has been soo easy! The people here are awesome and I am loving it. The days following my Reiki treatment were very calm and serene despite all the hubbub of moving. The flight was easy and I am feeling lighter in a sense. I have moments of emotion, tears just come, gently, when I am in the space of “seeing/revealing” old patterns of thought and letting them go. I have been sleeping especially well and have not woke up with the usual heaviness or discomfort in my low back. I had furniture delivered and did a lot more physical stuff than normal. I had help and didn’t have to lift anything. Bending and moving stuff around mostly. I am not in any way uncomfortable. Thank you for sharing your gift with me!

I’ve had the pleasure of having Jenna do a couple of Reiki sessions on me. She is kind, compassionate and very talented at everything she does. I highly recommend her and her services.

Jenna utilizes her innate sensory ability exceptionally well in administration of Reiki’s life force energy healing medicine. It has greatly helped me overcome the effects of lumbar spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, and resultant surgery. One may expect great results in the realization of Reiki’s fullest spiritual healing powers from her.

Thank you again for traveling to California to teach and share Reiki with Laurel and me. It is truly a life changing gift. I find myself repeating the precepts many times a day, especially during times where my patience is drawn thin by words of others. I enjoy the CD while doing my self-healing treatments.

The most important change I have noticed is an abundance of energy which allows me to walk longer and do more chores around my home which in turn makes me feel happier and younger.

I look forward to doing the Second Degree training in the distant future but for now am content with my self-healing treatments and will eventually practice on my family and friends. My grandsons think it’s pretty special for their GMA to have taken a Reiki class in California from a Reiki Master from Hawaii. I am truly blessed.

In addition to my work (massage) becoming so effortless, I had the most intense vision during one of my self treatments. I have had Achilles tendon pain in the middle of my heal bone for at least 2 years. Reiki has made a noticeable difference. I have been wanting to run again for a long time but it is something that really makes it unbearable. My body saying don’t do it. About a month ago a massage client came in and told me about a 5k program and how she has become a runner. I decided to try it. But… I knew that I needed to do my self-treatments before starting. It was just a fleeting thought that I really never thought much of.

During my self-treatment, I was so clearly told to read a book that a client from 4 years ago told me about before I should begin. That book was “Born to Run”. I downloaded it on my day off and now, four weeks later, I’ve finished week 3 of running barefoot and have zero pain. Reiki self-treatments intuitively guide me on what I’m supposed to do giving me clarity. It has also taught me of an area in massage that I have to focus on… The feet!

Life is truly so much happier, fun and full of adventure. I am learning so much about myself that I never knew. I feel so blessed to have Reiki in my life. Thank you again friend for going down your journey because it has gotten me on mine!

Jenna was absolutely incredible! I called her New Years Eve in a panic because my happy, sweet, healthy, giggly 6 month old couldn’t beat a high fever and stomach bug. He had it for five days, and I couldn’t bear to see him so uncomfortable. Jenna responded very quickly and professionally, and I was thrilled she was able to treat my sweet JoJo last minute. As soon as she started, JoJo woke from being sleepy and lethargic to awake, playful, and smiling! I hadn’t seen that beautiful smile in days and was so grateful. Jenna was thorough, descriptive and very clear in her report of the treatment. She answered all of my questions well and provided incredible comfort not only to my son but to me as a new mom with a sick child. JoJo has been feeling much better and his fever is gone. I’m so thankful to Jenna’s Reiki that truly helped tremendously.

Taking my Reiki training came into my life at the perfect time. My mother had been diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer giving her a few weeks to live. Three days before I left Maui to go to her in Colorado, I took Jenna’s First Degree Reiki Training. Because of certain religious beliefs held by my mother I was too scared to introduce Reiki to her. Under Hospice care a volunteer came and asked my mom if she would like to receive Reiki. She immediately replied yes! I couldn’t believe it. After that, I told her that I had taken a Reiki training and could give her some Reiki. After one treatment my mom said she felt more at peace, relaxed and not so anxious. This resulted in allowing her to sleep better. I was so grateful to have been able to connect in sharing Reiki with my mom and help her be comfortable during her transition.

Thank you for helping me through my fears of dental work. I was totally afraid of any dental work and had to be drugged with Xanax before I could even sit in a dental chair. Once you performed Reiki before my dental work I was able to feel relaxed and only took some Xanax as a precaution. Now I feel comfortable enough not to be drugged. I’m calm and relaxed when I visit the dentist now.

The first time I had a Reiki treatment was a distant Reiki treatment from Jenna. I had serious back and knee pain plus difficulties breathing from asbestos lung problems. I had immediate relief and began feeling wonderful with a greater sense of well-being. Since then, I have had several distant and hands on Reiki treatments from Jenna. The treatments are truly amazing and healing!

I just wanted to thank you endlessly for bringing Reiki into my home at Christmas. The energy completely shifted with my 88 year old mother and everyone in this house. My energy has been so amazing and I feel so clear and focused. You are one beautiful and talented Reiki Master. Thank you for bringing so much joy and friendship into my life!

Jenna’s touch and energy is soothing, healing and transformational. A few months back I went to Jenna for help with fertility. I had a fertility test a year prior and found out that I had one blocked fallopian tube and uterine fibroids. One month after getting a treatment with Jenna, I got tested again. The results of my test were normal! My blocked tube was cleared and I no longer had any fibroids!! While I am still trying to get pregnant, my chances of conceiving increased drastically after a single Reiki treatment with Jenna.

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