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Wedding, Vow Renewal, or Commitment
Getting Maui’ed - Basic Hawaii Beach Ceremony

For the couple dreaming of a simple beach ceremony. I am a non-denominational minister that can perform traditional style weddings, vow renewals, and commitment ceremonies delivered and created with a unique style and professional approach. I can provide a list of places and referrals to choose from to best co-create the ceremony of your dreams on a spectacular Hawaii beach or site of your choosing!

Basic Hawaii Wedding Package - $485

Officiating day of Ceremony
Interview meeting and rehearsal of event
Writing of vows and provide a keepsake copy

Distant Reiki Clearing Session
Marriage license assistance
2 ceremonial floral leis

*Highly recommended add on is a couples Reiki session or series of Reiki sessions prior to your special day. See session menu for more information.

Wedding, Vow Renewal, or Commitment
Wedding, Vow Renewal, or Commitment
Wedding, Vow Renewal, or Commitment
Wedding, Vow Renewal, or Commitment

House Blessing or Office Blessing Ceremony

Why start a new life in a house, business, or office full of other people’s memories, emotions, pains, and vibrations. These kinds of energies are not good for positive change. After all you will be adding your own energy into the mix. If your life has met with many life challenges that you did not overcome or conquer, unclear space will only magnify your existing problems or create new ones for you.

Invite me to clear your living or workspace of destructive vibrations with distant Reiki and/or a ceremonial Blessing, so that your home, business, or office can vibrate at a frequency that is harmonious for success.

Blessing Ceremony - $270

Includes consultation, written blessing, *rituals, Lei, & Distant Reiki Clearing.
Additional fee may be applied for additional time and travel requiring more than 45 minutes.
Add-on series of distant reiki sessions may be required to remove accumulated residual and ongoing blocked energy.
See Distant Reiki session information.
*Candle lighting, anointing oils, water purify

House Blessing or Office Blessing Ceremony
House Blessing or Office Blessing Ceremony
House Blessing or Office Blessing Ceremony
House Blessing or Office Blessing Ceremony

Baptisms, Dedications, Naming, and Personal Blessings

The decision for an adult or child celebration ritual can be for various reasons. Many are interfaith and seek private rituals that will honor the religious philosophies, or none. For those who practice a spiritual way, may choose to be baptized, dedicated, or blessed with light or love. Either can be done for anyone at any age, and it is not necessary that it takes place in a church.

The baptism, dedication, or blessing ritual can be performed in a home, hall, park, etc. and still be sacred. However, the place you select should be special and unique to you or the child. So, when one looks back on where it was held and how it was performed will have an impressionable memory of sacredness. Therefore, a customized baptism appeals to multi-faith families.

Blessing Ceremony - $270

Includes consultation, written ceremony, Lei, *rituals, & distant Reiki clearing.
*Candle lighting, anointing oils, water purify

Baptism Ritual

Welcoming a child into our world

Washing away thoughts of materiality
Spiritual birth

Dedication Ritual

Discovering one’s purpose is to dedicate life of meaningful service to earn who we are in the world. The goal will be to allow one to blossom into the person he/she wants to be. A person can be dedicated to:



Naming Ritual

A very important ritual and should not be taken lightly. Our name is a badge of honor that is worn proudly. It anchors us into this world and to our spirit. It is a significant part of our personality and a spiritual link to who we are and going to be.

A naming ceremony helps a child with development into adulthood by showing them the importance of their name early in life.

A naming ceremony for an adult has found the need to change their name and lifestyle to suitable match and recognize the new energy to develop with it.

Spiritual Blessing

These ceremonies have been used throughout the ages for thousands of years to better create harmony in people’s lives. Blessing ceremonies have huge effect on our health, how we feel, how we think and our overall well being in life.

Blessing is a public opportunity to have blessings bestowed can include: health, keen mind, wealth, making the right choices in life, wisdom, knowledge, etc…Like a home, business, or land blessing ritual this can be for an individual in combination within any ceremony or in place of baptism.

Celebration of Life “Honorarium Farwell Ceremony”

A celebration of life ceremony benefits the releasing their soul in your way of letting go physically, and this will make the journey of your dearly departed easier. A customize service can be nondenominational, interfaith, or civil.

With the help of your family and friends, we create a service that reflects the feelings and beliefs of your departed spiritual being. Jenna can script a tribute of the character and life of your dearly departed. This tribute will be a celebration of their life and your emotions towards your loved one. Each honorarium ceremony is unique to capture the very essence of their lasting spirit. We combine a distant Reiki clearing session and highly recommend a series of Reiki sessions for loved ones suffering in grief to assist in letting go.

Celebration of Life Ceremony - $270

Includes, consultation, script writing, ceremony, Lei, distant Reiki clearing to the past and present letting go situation.
For loved ones experiencing in grief challenges, see series menu for additional Reiki sessions to be performed hands-on in-person or distant.

Celebration of Life
Celebration of Life
Celebration of Life
Celebration of Life

Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc Ordination Ceremony

If you have wondered how you might live a life of Love and Service without subscribing to someone else’s belief structure, ministry recognized by Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc may be the way for you.

UBM, Inc., is an association composed of non-denominational interfaith persons who have requested recognition of their independent ministry and have been officially ordained by UMB Inc. Each minister supports their own and can legally officiate weddings, baptisms, celebration of life (funerals), services of dedications, and make ministerial hospital calls, (subject to civil regulation).

Jenna is a Minister Director of Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc., and can ordain in ceremony individuals that wish to affirm, “I hereby dedicate my life to the brotherhood of mankind.”

The steps to become ordained are simple, please visit for more information. Fees are paid to UBM Inc.,

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