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Masters open the door; you enter by yourself- Zen Proverb

Usui Shiki Ryoho is taught and passed on in the form of oral tradition, to the student by a Reiki Master that are together for the class experience. There is a unique quality to this meeting that only can happen in person-to-person contact where ritual or sacred space is created. Through the medium of story, demonstration, initiation, sharing, and responding to questions, the essence of the practice is communicated.

The foundation of the practice is self-treatment. The placement of the student’s hands on their own body, giving Reiki for healing, comfort, and well-being. A Reiki student can also treat family, friends and everything in ones surrounding environment. A healing practice can also be a formal offering of Reiki treatments.

Students overall discover ways to have access to Reiki healing for self or anyone, at any given moment, simply by placing their initiated Reiki hands wherever one can. This use integrates Reiki Natural Healing into daily life that lasts a lifetime.

The required minimum practice time of 3 months before a first-degree student is eligible to take a second-degree Reiki training. The minimum practice time is 1-year of second degree before eligible for Master Candidacy. Once accepted as a Master Candidate it is another minimum 1-year of mentoring before initiated a Reiki Master. An internationally recognized Reiki Alliance Certificates is to accompany with the completion of first-degree, second degree or Master training.

Ways to best prepare you for a Reiki training is to receive a series of Reiki session prior and after the training and periodically for maintenance. This assists to clear the deeper hidden blocks that are blocking you from staying on your healing path.

A recommended read is ‘Living a Life of Reiki’ by Reiki Master, Shalandra Abbey. Copies are available to purchase through me, Amazon, Barnes & Noble- Kahului, and Alive & Well-Kahului. EBook versions are available to download.

First Degree Reiki Training
Awaken the Innate Healing Power within You!

The basic healing practice of Reiki is a precise sequence of hand positions on self and others for healing, comfort, and well-being. Reiki addresses the process of spiritual growth and development, as it touches and nourishes the core of our mind and body for a lasting healing. It can begin with becoming more sensitive to what the body needs nutritionally, healing repressed emotional trauma, awakening to personal innate gifts, deepening the capacity for nourishing relationship, developing work that is the truest expression of the authentic self and healing potential.

Whatever it is… it starts with you.

You learn the proven techniques of Reiki natural healing and integrate them into your daily life. When this class concludes, you will have the competency to clear blocked energy, transform negative thought patterns, increase the flow of life-force energy, treat self, others and so much more.

Second Degree Reiki Training

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration- Nikola Tesla

Second Degree unveils more ways on how to positively navigate in our rapidly changing world with rooting in wisdom and grace… so that you can deeply commit, and rise protected in the flow of universal energy that IS you and in your own unique way.

Are you ready to discover the sacred symbols to unlock a richer, deeper, and expansive wholeness for a greater living reality? Then I invite you to register for second degree.

After given a minimum 3-month first degree practice time to reawaken the subtle energetic body’s awareness, this self-care practice readiness is what prepares a student to receive the energy of second degree by removing physical blocks, subconscious memory storage, and instantly connects spiritual realization.

Customize Your Wellness

*Personal healing retreat can consist of sessions, training, spiritual counseling, meditations, ceremonies or connect with nature and sacred sites to adventure. Number of days can be in combination of 4, 7, 10, 14, 21, or 30. All determined on customizing to your healing needs. Theme ideas- cleanse & detox, couples’ connection, lifestyle reset, women’s gathering, or recovery & rejuvenate. Can include 3-6 month follow up wave of wellness plan available.

*Private trainings are recommended for dates not listed that would better accommodate busy work schedules and classes not held during a planned visit to Maui. A private class is organized to meet the class requirements of the student and Reiki Master. Available over 2-4 day classes.

*Destination trainings are intended for a person requesting to host a Reiki training in their hometown area. This allows a community of practitioners to continue the practice of Reiki for self and others. Travel classes can be coordinated globally. Reiki Alliance Certificates are internationally recognized.

Reiki Master Training
The Path of Mastery of Usui Shiki Ryoho

  1. Usui Shiki Ryoho (Usui System of Natural Healing) is a way of life for its masters. There is honor and respect that masters remain students and not creators of the system. Appreciation for the simplicity and the power of Reiki grows as we grow.
  2. Masters agree to use the form as it is protected by the current lineage bearer Johannes Reindl, honoring that he has been chosen to be the bearer of this lineage. He carries the seed of Usui Shiki Rhyoho, passed from on e generation to another, and it is his responsibility to see that the seed is passed on without distortion.
  3. “Surrender” to the flow of the guidance of the Reiki energy becomes an exciting way to tryst life without the need to know why. However, there is the continual awareness that we are partners with Reiki. We do not just turn over our lives, we use our power of choice.
  4. The Reiki Alliance is a voluntary body of masters who come together through a common commitment and desire for a Reiki Master community.
  5. Masters and Master Candidates have a lifelong commitment to each other. Candidates receive support on their teaching journey. They mature as a team in mutual respect.
  6. Masters are encouraged to explore areas in their communities where they feel drawn to work with Reiki. Documentation of the results is important for future introduction of the energy of Reiki.
  7. Acceptance, understanding and respect of other Reiki masters and students are important. By recognizing what is shared and acknowledging differences we grow with the flow of the life force energy and create a better world.

Now is the time when many are looking for sources of natural healing for self and others. Become a beacon of light and take the confident next step on your path to Mastery.

Would you like to be someone who manifests their deepest spiritual calling and be a part of the consciousness who acts by transforming both themselves and the lives of others through Reiki? In challenges we develop instant ways to restore balance, calm, and stability. More than ever, we need Reiki Masters to be a present anchor in times of crises and confusion to guide others through uncertainty.

Becoming a Reiki Master is being the embodiment of the practice of Reiki through a lifetime commitment in living the spiritual precepts and further use of symbols. There is no manual to learn this, except to live it.

To apply, you must have completed the minimum requirements of first and second degree Reiki training and received a Reiki Alliance certificate for Usui Shiki Ryoho master training. Once accepted, there is a minimum 1-year mentoring required before initiated a Reiki Master.

What to expect while mentoring:

  • Immerse in the history, philosophy, and spiritual principles of Reiki.
  • Experience to teach the wisdom, tools, and confidence to initiate others through oral tradition.
  • Breakthroughs in your own inner growth and evolution.
  • Develop confidence in leading diverse group events and trainings.
  • Deepen your own public healing practice.
  • Gain confidence and support to transform community consciousness.
  • Build skills, resilience and cultivate clarity through Reiki.
  • Ability to become a member with an International Reiki organization and lifelong support.

Once initiated a Reiki Master you have earned the competency, understanding and skills to begin initiating first- and second-degree students, establish a community Reiki practice with clients, organizing public introductions and demonstrations, basic business managing, record keeping, online presence, and is considered a master in training for a lifetime. There is a required minimum 3 years teaching experience time before eligible to accept others to train as Reiki Masters of Usui Shiki Ryoho.

Contact me for further interest on becoming a Reiki Master.

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