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Spiritual Guidance Counseling

Reiki Masters can help individuals with most matters related to spirituality and metaphysical healing. This poise raises global consciousness and mindfulness.

Jenna is an ordained inter-faith non-denominational minister and Reiki is her ministry. She provides spiritual counseling in conjunction with Reiki sessions, trainings, and programs. This aspect of healing assists in staying on track moving towards your healing goal by receiving added guidance to navigate through clearing lifetime obstacles. Whatever the healing objective is; better lifestyle, health, money, or love… transforming lifelong behaviors, patterns and dynamics of real-life circumstances is a lifelong journey. To commit is the natural process of maturation to evolve spiritual development and understanding.

For many people, beliefs systems are especially important – equitable to a person’s wellbeing with the combined health of a person’s mind, body, and spirit. A crisis in some people’s lives may result in upheaval and crises in all other areas of their lives. Individuals who feel as though they are missing their spirituality or those who feel lost in their own beliefs will often feel lost in life in general. When it comes down to it, as we get older, we may begin to question the beliefs we were taught as a child and need action to solidify our own set of beliefs. Some may even feel as though a part of their soul is fractured or even missing. These are not good feelings.

Spiritual guidance combined with Reiki inspirationally motivates focus on a person’s lifestyle and choices that raises a healthier state of awareness and self- actualization. This assist people to realize that they are unique and amazing beings in and of themselves. This builds strength in abilities to focus on becoming a better whole person and how interconnected we are with the rest of the world.

Because of these trivial situations, there will always be a need for spiritual counselors, metaphysical healers, and leaders.

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