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Embracing the Free Flow

Embracing the Free Flow

Jenna Keck Reiki MasterClick here for article featured in Maui Vision Magazine Oct/Nov 2015

Life can seem stormy at times when the mind, body and spirit have challenges beyond coping. These torrential waters block you from whatever you desire in life. By letting go of the river’s edge, you allow yourself to embrace the free flow of abundance and lasting healing in all areas of life.

We are not in this boat alone. In fact, we are here to celebrate each other on our healing journey. To trust, surrender and release is what energizes healing alchemy. Clearing the dams of blocked energy creates a gentle energetic stream that serves the highest good, resulting in a smooth arrival to your destination.

The vast ocean of abundance awaits, but necessary life changes must occur. Return to being your own leader. Make healthy decisions and choices based on non-judgment and non-attachment. Accept the freedom to speak your truth and expand your authentic self. Awaken, and relieve the emotional and physical suffering. Advance the emotional growth and spiritual development that is unique to you. And most of all, spend your precious life radiating joy and happiness to others.

At the right time, I was called to embrace these necessary life changes in order to further my healing potential. I was then introduced to the calm, healing waters of Reiki. Reiki Natural Healing has been described as an effortless flow that transforms life to better serve our wellbeing. The Reiki waters smooth even the roughest stones in a sacred manner.

Abundance showed up for me – emotionally and physically – in ways I had only dreamed. Now, my healing experience has brought me to serve by providing Reiki to clients and students around the world.

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