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Spring Forward Reiki Centering Thought

Spring Forward Reiki Centering Thought

First Reiki Precept “Just for Today, Do Not Worry”

Spring Forward Reiki Revolutionaries

As we move into the spring season we sprout with new light and fulfillment about us. We have spent the last season shedding the heavier emotional, physical, mental and spiritual burdens we were carrying from seasons past. A new life cycle is preparing to take place for a healthier existence.

With Reiki at our side, this innate process is even more naturally energized by using self-treatments and precepts daily. Resulting in freeing our weighed down conditioned thoughts and perceptions. Our physical body’s become lighter and healthier as the organs and tissues begin to fully function. Our spirit is further grounded to a source of all-one love connection. Our thought patterns and emotional understanding evolves to a more harmonious, peaceful way we are meant to live. It is the freedom to experience, the only one true state of fulfillment that you can give to yourself to cease the problem.

We are individual revolutionaries living our own unique, yet connected journey. This is a great time to ask.. How is Reiki revolutionizing your life daily? How can you live more in your personal truth? You are powerfully significant in everything you do. How can your love be more of a way of being, not so much an emotion. Dare life to transcend those blocked burdens to a healthier way without worry.

Thank you for choosing Reiki in your life.

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