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Growing and Building Trust

Growing and Building Trust

Jenna Keck Reiki MasterClick here for featured article in Maui Vision Magazine June/July 2016 issue

Trust shows up for me as a myriad of peaks. It appears as the relationship to the unknown with future situations I cannot control. When I try to pin it down, it can be elusive, or when it seems broken, I naturally braced myself in anticipating disappointment. I have spent so much energy trying to predict, grasp and calculate something unknown. This has often resulted in accumulated heavy emotional burdens, physical tension or perpetual negative thought patterns. I have observed that this frenetic unbalanced energy negatively influenced my love relationships, finance and health.

Reiki became my steady discipline to literally put my life in “God’s hands” and to restore my faith, that all will be revealed in its own time. I have witnessed this invisible healing touch, nourish the core of being that encourages a path to individual yet connected, human unfolding. Once surrendered to the necessary life change, each new path grows familiar in letting go of the past with ease; trusting while gazing forward. Reiki’s healing properties showed me how to relax the part of the mind to focus in the present moment and slow for Reiki’s renewed energy to create a healthy space with in the body and psyche allowing for spirit to live as we should.

This new energy peaks with every universal ripple to support us in becoming more balanced to what the body needs nutritionally, healing repressed emotional traumas, awaken personal innate gifts, deepening the capacity for nourishing relationships, or finding and discovering work that is the truest expression of authentic self. I am awe-inspired by Reiki’s healing influence over the human condition and spiritto unlock a creative inner self.

Above all, trusting movement forward in our lives and its accompanying vulnerability (though seemingly a risk) helps us grow healthy boundaries while investigating one’s unique surrounding mystery as we are ready.

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