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New Year Reiki Center Thought

New Year Reiki Center Thought

Fourth Reiki Precept, “Earn Your Living Honestly”

Winter, in the Northern hemisphere, is a time of year where the light of days are short and darkness runs long through out the night. We find ourselves in stillness and celebrating festivals of light, reminding us that the light will soon return. It is in stillness that we can invite ourselves to renew from the darkest period of the solar cycle and a time to go inside- to visit both our physical shelter as well as our internal world. There we can contemplate the season that has past, the season that is, and the seasons yet to come. This best helps prepare for our next years journey around the Sun. The Earth cycles have there own reasons for seasons, and so do we.

When the time is right, take a moment to reflect back over this past year. How has Reiki touched and nourished the core being of your life and others around you? What important lessons have you learned, what have you accomplished? What dreams and visions would you like to manifest in the upcoming year?

This collective journey toward the light further unifies the unique gifts that you offer the world, your community, friends and family. Allow to let go of what no longer serves your highest good, and consider what is to come without limitation, judgment or fear. Aligning in the present moment with the ever shaping internal and external climate. Honor whatever has happened or what has yet to happen with gratitude, love and forgiveness.

Love, blessings and best wishes for a happy, healthy, prosperous fun-filled New Year!

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