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Reiki Energy Medicine in Medical Center Treating the Body, Mind and Soul

Reiki in Renowned Medical Center

Video Coverage by CNN

Doctors around the world are embracing energy medicine to treat the mind, body and soul for a complete healing. Dr Mehemet Oz, the highest profile advocate of complimentary therapies, gives a brief commentary of his research on the affects of Reiki on his surgical patients. Dr Oz and Julie Motz, Reiki Master, RN, at Columbia Medical Center, did a Reiki study on 11 open heart surgeries and heart transplants. These 11 patients showed that not one post operative patients had most commonly clinical depression, pain or leg weakness or organ rejection, and all showed a better functioning immune system.

Reiki in the clinical setting is finding its way into institutional settings, from hospitals to hospice and the push appears to be coming from patients as well as clinical practitioners. More and more, patients are requesting care beyond what most consider traditional health services, and hospitals are responding to meet the healing needs of the communities they serve by offering these alternative therapies.

According to the American Health Association, Reiki healing therapies is now one of top three complimentary in patient care in US hospitals. Amongst therapies including massage and music. Patients and caregivers love Reiki because it works and is easily to incorporate into the clinical setting.

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