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Pregnancy Health and Wholeness

Pregnancy Health and Wholeness

How is your personal mind, body, spirit health for conception, pregnancy, birthing, or postpartum?

Many signs and symptoms of a restricted flow of vital life-force energy to nourish and support the organs bones and tissues include situations like; infertility, miscarriages, tiredness, pregnancy related dis-eases (pre-eclampsia, diabetes), preterm delivery, emergency cesareans, postpartum depression, delayed healing, and so on….

It takes a lot of energy to create another human being. The mother becomes the source energy to gestate a baby. Different stresses or blocks disrupt the natural self healing flow that advocates internal stability and harmony that regulates the bodies functions. Over time, the body as a whole becomes weakened, unbalanced, and it’s self healing abilities are compromised. Eventually manifesting into various health issues as pain, disease, stress, anxiety, and poor health for both mother and baby. And can end up spending a lifetime to overcome.

Reiki works to transform, restore and balance vital flow to treat the root of the health problem. The body begins to flourish and true health and well-being can be achieved as inner harmony and resiliency flows freely. Being in energetic state of health helps us thrive in the face of environmental, physical, emotional, spiritual and mental stress.

Reiki always works, sometimes on unseen levels of the being. The best aspect of Reiki natural healing, it is only ever positive and helpful to give the body the energy it needs to heal itself.

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