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Natural Euphoria Embodiment

Natural Euphoria Embodiment

Jenna Keck Reiki MasterClick here for featured article in Maui Vision Magazine Spring 2018

Through the natural energetic healing properties of Reiki healing, you can transform your relationship to pain and suffering to access new levels of euphoria.

When Reiki came into my life in 2011, at that time I was suffering from five herniated disks in my low back and sciatica pain going from my hip and down into my toes. My life would be put on hold for months to recover from long painful episodes. My natural sense of euphoria was diminishing and I felt confined from enjoying my abundant life.

I tried numerous therapeutic modalities and had a pretty healthful lifestyle, being a health educator and married to a chiropractor. Nothing and nobody could give me the relief I needed and the natural zest for life back. As a last resort, I considered back surgery to rid me of constant pain stress. As it turned out, surgery would have caused other problems and offered no guarantee of relief. Since surgery was no longer an option, I decided something else would help me.

Shortly after, someone suggested I try Reiki. In having Reiki, I quickly experienced relief from pain and it ignited a natural state of euphoria that awakened my own body’s senses to enliven and heal itself. I discovered the answer was always within me, and that I could access this healing potential through simply laying my own hands at any given moment with training. In time, I no longer was in relationship to pain and suffering and I felt deeply connected to a new way of life naturally, without surgery.

Today, I embody this natural healing gift called Reiki in providing treatments or training, so that others can reclaim vital life-force energy and achieve the most authentic source of euphoria from within. Reiki is for all ages and health conditions, and lasts a lifetime.

Jenna Keck, Reiki Master, offers sessions and trainings in Upcountry and West Maui. Call 408.621.4102 or visit

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