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Jenna was absolutely incredible! I called her New Years Eve in a panic because my happy, sweet, healthy, giggly 6 month old couldn’t beat a high fever and stomach bug. He had it for five days, and I couldn’t bear to see him so uncomfortable. Jenna responded very quickly and professionally, and I was thrilled she was able to treat my sweet JoJo last minute. As soon as she started, JoJo woke from being sleepy and lethargic to awake, playful, and smiling! I hadn’t seen that beautiful smile in days and was so grateful. Jenna was thorough, descriptive and very clear in her report of the treatment. She answered all of my questions well and provided incredible comfort not only to my son but to me as a new mom with a sick child. JoJo has been feeling much better and his fever is gone. I’m so thankful to Jenna’s Reiki that truly helped tremendously.

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