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In addition to my work (massage) becoming so effortless, I had the most intense vision during one of my self treatments. I have had Achilles tendon pain in the middle of my heal bone for at least 2 years. Reiki has made a noticeable difference. I have been wanting to run again for a long time but it is something that really makes it unbearable. My body saying don’t do it. About a month ago a massage client came in and told me about a 5k program and how she has become a runner. I decided to try it. But… I knew that I needed to do my self-treatments before starting. It was just a fleeting thought that I really never thought much of.

During my self-treatment, I was so clearly told to read a book that a client from 4 years ago told me about before I should begin. That book was “Born to Run”. I downloaded it on my day off and now, four weeks later, I’ve finished week 3 of running barefoot and have zero pain. Reiki self-treatments intuitively guide me on what I’m supposed to do giving me clarity. It has also taught me of an area in massage that I have to focus on… The feet!

Life is truly so much happier, fun and full of adventure. I am learning so much about myself that I never knew. I feel so blessed to have Reiki in my life. Thank you again friend for going down your journey because it has gotten me on mine!

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