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Reawaken the mind, body healing abilities with Reiki Natural Healing.

Welcome to Reiki with Jenna! I offer those who seek lasting healing to experience healing as W.H.O.L.E. (Well, Happy, Open, Loving, & Energetic) You can start here to explore the depths of ways to your healing truth that constitutes day-to-day living, healthcare, ultimate freedom, and so much more. I believe that this is the best way to rebalance any area of health and happiness. We uncover together emotional, mental, physical, spiritual aspects that constitute your world and result to thrive as the best version of yourself. I am here to guide you on your journey and assist to transform your life.

About Reiki

Reiki is the lifeforce that is detrimental in restoring vitality, balance, and wholeness to your health. Reiki works to treat many ailments, even people with normally good health can experience the potent healing benefits. You can receive Reiki in the form of hands-on healing or distant healing sessions, and Reiki Training for self-care and treatment of others.

About Jenna
About Jenna

Jenna is a full-time practicing Reiki Master, member of The Reiki Alliance and ordained Universal Brotherhood minister. She is committed to practicing and teaching Reiki the way it was first introduced outside of Japan to the Hawaiian Islands in 1936. Her first experience in Reiki training was in 2011, when considering back surgery for 5 herniated disks and sciatic pain. Reiki provided a natural lasting healing outcome that did not require medication and surgery. This discovery propelled her in becoming a Reiki Master to share this potent mind, body, soul healing experience with others being initiated a Reiki Master in 2014. Today through her full-time public Reiki practice, she continues to enrich a variety of experiences to serve a common goal in renewed sense of self, education, conservation, research, and awareness to communities all around.

Featured Posts

Jenna’s touch and energy is soothing, healing and transformational. A few months back I went to Jenna for help with fertility. I had a fertility test a year prior and found out that I had one blocked fallopian tube and uterine fibroids. One month after getting a treatment with Jenna, I got tested again. The results of my test were normal! My blocked tube was cleared and I no longer had any fibroids!! While I am still trying to get pregnant, my chances of conceiving increased drastically after a single Reiki treatment with Jenna.

Tucson, AZ

Jenna utilizes her innate sensory ability exceptionally well in administration of Reiki’s life force energy healing medicine. It has greatly helped me overcome the effects of lumbar spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, and resultant surgery. One may expect great results in the realization of Reiki’s fullest spiritual healing powers from her.

Coarsegold, CA

Thank you for helping me through my fears of dental work. I was totally afraid of any dental work and had to be drugged with Xanax before I could even sit in a dental chair. Once you performed Reiki before my dental work I was able to feel relaxed and only took some Xanax as a precaution. Now I feel comfortable enough not to be drugged. I’m calm and relaxed when I visit the dentist now.

Maui, HI

Jenna did a mini Reiki treatment on me while departing the shore on a whale watch in Maui. Though I normally get motion sick, I did not experience that this time… I felt very calm and peaceful and able to go with the flow!

Lahiana, HI

I just wanted to thank you endlessly for bringing Reiki into my home at Christmas. The energy completely shifted with my 88 year old mother and everyone in this house. My energy has been so amazing and I feel so clear and focused. You are one beautiful and talented Reiki Master. Thank you for bringing so much joy and friendship into my life!

San Jose, CA
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